Guidelines for Author

Author Responsibility

The authors are exclusively responsible for the contents of their submissions, the validity of the experimental results and must make sure that they have permission from all involved parties to make the data public.

It is the responsibility of each author to ensure that papers submitted to IJAETS are written with ethical standards in mind, concerning plagiarism. Please note that all submissions are thoroughly checked for plagiarism. If an attempt at plagiarism is found in a published paper, the authors will be asked to issue a written apology to the authors of the original material. Any paper which shows obvious signs of plagiarism will be automatically rejected. The authors will receive proper notification if such a situation arises.

All authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest such as any financial, personal or other relationships with other people or organizations concerning the submitted work that could inappropriately influence, or be perceived to influence, their work.

By submitting a manuscript to the editor or publisher you are deemed to have granted permission to publish the manuscript.

Manuscript Preparation

The paper should concisely be written in US/UK English. Clarity and precision are best achieved by the use of simple words and short sentences. Papers not satisfying the language requirements will not be accepted.

  • Title

    Paper should have a concise but informative title. This should be followed by the names of the authors, name and address of faculty and university in which the experimental work has been performed.

  • Abstract

    The paper should have an abstract (preferably 50-200 words) comprises a brief and factual account of the contents and conclusions of the paper as well as an indication of any new information presented. The references should not be addressed in abstracts. Complete sentences should be used, without unfamiliar abbreviations or Jargon. The use of the present tense is customary.

  • Keywords

    Authors are requested to provide 4-6 keywords.

  • Introduction

    The paper should have a short Introduction. This should state the reasons for the work, with brief reference to previous work on the subject.

  • References

    The references should be numbered consecutively throughout the text and should be collected in a reference list (headed References) at the end of paper.

    The references list should not include material that could more appropriately appear as a footnote. Authors should ensure that every reference appearing in the text is in the list of references and vice versa. Numerals for references are enclosed in square brackets in the text, e.g., [1]. In the reference list, periodicals [1], books [2], multi-author books [3] and conference proceedings [4] should be cited in accordance with IEEE style.

  • Symbols, formula and equations

    Symbols, formula and equations should be written with great care, capital and lower case letters being distinguished where necessary. Greek letters and unusual symbols employed for the first time should be defined by name in the left-hand margin.

The paper template can be downloaded from the link given below. You can also see any published paper for more detail about formatting.